Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 393-4-.02 - Administrator In Training (AIT) Program Requirements. Amended

(1) ALL applicants for initial licensure in Georgia as a Nursing Home Administrator must complete an Administrator in Training program as determined by the Board (excluding applicants by reciprocity).
(2) A person who intends to qualify for a Nursing Home Administrators license and admission to the licensure examination by use of an Administrator In Training (A.I.T.) program must first receive approval to begin the program by meeting the requirements of Rule Chapter 393-3 and successfully completing the AIT program in a Board approved Nursing Home Training Site facility under the coordination, supervision and teaching of a Georgia Nursing Home Administrator Preceptor who has obtained approval from the Board pursuant to and who continues to meet the qualifications of this rule.
(3) Board Approved Nursing Home Training Site.
(a) In order to be the site of an AIT program, the nursing home must have a minimum of sixty (60) licensed beds.
(b) The Board may limit the number of AITs the nursing home trains at one time as follows:
1. A nursing home with sixty (60) to one hundred (100) licensed beds may be approved for a maximum of one (1) AIT;
2. A nursing home with one hundred and one (101) or more licensed beds may be approved for a maximum of two (2) AITs;
(c) The licensed Georgia Nursing Home Administrator of record of the proposed AIT site must submit:
1. An application and non-refundable administrative fee for consideration as a Board approved Nursing Home Training Site;
2. Copies of all surveys received in the last eighteen (18) months.
(d) A nursing home which otherwise qualifies for approval, but is deficient in one or more of the above listed criteria, may seek approval based upon the establishment of affiliations with other nursing homes.
(e) Once approved, a Nursing Home Training Site term of approval shall coincide with the Nursing Home Administrators license expiration date of December 31st of every odd numbered year and will be subject to re-approval and a new administrative fee every two years.
(f) The Board may withdraw approval of an AIT training site based upon changes in the nursing home surveys, preceptor or for reasons stated in these rules including Rule Chapters 393-4 and 393-6.
(4) Nursing Home Administrator Preceptor.
(a) The preceptor is solely responsible for ensuring that the AIT complies with the laws and rules of the Board, and must attest to such compliance on monthly reports as well as upon a final completion report of the AIT program.
1. It is the responsibility of the preceptor to assure each monthly and final completion report is completed correctly, completely and accurately.
2. Each monthly report shall only contain AIT hours accrued within the calendar month, regardless of the dates or number of hours. Do not combine calendar months into one report.
(b) The preceptor must ensure that the AIT is not over-burdened with routine job responsibilities that may be detrimental to his or her training, and must ensure that the AIT is afforded a broad and comprehensive experience.
(c) To be approved as a Nursing Home Administrator Preceptor, the applicant must submit the application, non-refundable administrative fee and:
1. Be currently licensed in Georgia as a Nursing Home Administrator with no disciplinary actions taken against the applicant's license which the Board deems to be of such a nature as to prevent the applicant from providing services as a Preceptor;
2. Be currently employed as a licensed Nursing Home Administrator for five (5) years with the final year of practice being in Georgia;
3. Be employed and working full time at the Georgia Board approved AIT Training Site;
4. Have successfully completed the "Nursing Home Administrator Preceptor" course through the Georgia Health Care Association (GHCA).
(d) Once approved, a Nursing Home Administrator Preceptor term of approval shall coincide with the Nursing Home Administrators license expiration date of December 31st of every odd numbered year and will be subject to re-approval and a new administrative fee every two years.
(e) A nursing home administrator who becomes unable to continue to serve as a preceptor, or leaves the AIT site as the Administrator of Record for any reason must notify the Board of same by registered mail no later than ten (10) business days after their last date of service as a preceptor. If the nursing home administrator fails to notify the Board as outlined in this rule in a timely manner, the Board reserves the right to sanction or discipline the Preceptor approval, and/or to withdraw or restrict the preceptor's approval.
(5) Preceptor and Training Site Re-Approval Process.
(a) Failure to obtain re-approval of a Preceptor or Training Site within three (3) months from its expiration date will require new applications, fees and all supporting documents to be submitted.
(b) After April 1st of every EVEN numbered year, in order to be considered for the re-approval of a Preceptor or Training Site approval, the Preceptor of Record for the Training Site must submit a completed Preceptor Re-Approval application, and a Training Site Re-Approval application, pay the required fees and provide any supporting documentation required on the application forms.
(c) Any AIT training conducted on or after January 1st of every EVEN numbered year without the Board's re-approval of the current Preceptor and Training Site shall not be accepted by the Board towards the required hours of the AIT program being conducted.
(6) Administrator In Training (AIT) Program.
(a) An AIT program is approved for a specific Georgia Nursing Home as the Training Site, and, for an approved Georgia Nursing Home Administrator Preceptor at the approved Training Site.
(b) An AIT program occurs from a minimum of 500 clock hours to a maximum of 2000 clock hours, earned in consecutive months from three (3) months to twelve (12) months, with a an average per calendar week of twenty-four (24) hours worked for part time candidates to forty (40) hours worked for full time candidates as defined by Board rules.
(c) Schedules for the AIT must include, at a minimum, the following:
1. Allotted time for various functions of the nursing home such as nursing, dietary, housekeeping/laundry, business office, leadership, quality improvement, disaster preparedness and management techniques;
2. Allotted time for participation in professional meetings and staff meetings, but cannot dominate training hours each week;
(d) Monthly reports are to be submitted to the Board no later than thirty (30) days from the last day of the training month completed. This report must follow the individualized schedule and describe the activities of the month and should be signed and notarized by both the Preceptor and AIT. Any denied hours/reports by the Board must be addressed by the Preceptor and the AIT in a timely manner and no additional monthly reports will be reviewed/approved until the denied hours/reports are resolved.
(e) The Board may request the Preceptor and/or AIT to meet with the Board to discuss the AIT's progress if monthly reports are denied or other concerns are raised.
(f) If the preceptor is no longer able to supervise the AIT, the AIT will be afforded up to 12 months' time to find another Preceptor to oversee his/her program at the current site or seek placement at another approved site. The new Preceptor and the AIT must notify the Board in writing (submit the "Change of Preceptor" Form) of the changes in circumstances prior to any training being provided by the new Preceptor. The Board will review the circumstances and determine if the AIT can proceed under the new Preceptor. Once approved by the Board, the AIT may continue his/her program.
(g) An individual shall receive no credit for training hours at an unapproved Nursing Home Training Site; for training hours under the supervision of a nursing home administrator who has not been approved as a preceptor for that particular AIT; or for training hours prior to the Board's approval of the AIT's application.
(h) An Administrator in Training program which has been discontinued by a period of military service (the AIT or affected immediate family member of an AIT) shall be allowed to be completed within a year after the completion of the military service. The Board must receive notice in the event of discontinuance of training for military service and for any other reason as well.
(i) The starting date of an AIT training program will be determined by the Board after the Board's receipt of a complete AIT program application, a non-refundable administration fee, and the Board's approval of the program Preceptor and AIT training site.
1. The AIT program application will not be approved by the Board until both the Preceptor and the Training Site for the program have been approved.
2. The AIT program application must be signed and attested by the program Preceptor. Before the Preceptor signs the AIT program application, the Preceptor is responsible for assuring that the application meets all board requirements prior to Board consideration and approval.
(j) When the AIT training program is completed, the AIT must submit evidence of completion to the Board. Once the Board receives evidence of completion and has approved it as being satisfactory, then upon notification by the Board of the completion and approval of the training program, the AIT must submit a completed application for a Nursing Home Administrator (NHA) licensure and the required fee. This NHA application and fee must be submitted to the Board within thirty (30) days from the date of the Board approval notification (by e-mail or USPS mail).
(k) Failure to register, sit for, and pass the NAB licensing examination within six months from the Board's notification to the applicant of an approved application, as stated in paragraph (j), shall require submission of a new Nursing Home Administrator (NHA) licensure application, fee, and any supporting documents required by the Board.
(l) Failure to complete the AIT program and/or failure to pass the examination within the time period required by this rule will terminate the pending application for licensure before the Board.


Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 393-4-.02
O.C.G.A. ยงยง 43-1-10, 43-1-11, 43-1-25, 43-27-4, 43-27-5, 43-27-6.
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