Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 410-10-.01 - Standards of Practice for Registered Professional Nurses

(1) The Georgia Board of Nursing defines the minimal standards of acceptable and prevailing nursing practice as including, but not limited to the following enumerated standards of competent practice.
(2) The Board recognizes that assessment, nursing diagnosis, planning, intervention, evaluation, teaching, and supervision are the major responsibilities of the registered nurse in the practice of nursing. The Standards of Practice for Registered Professional Nurses delineate the quality of nursing care which a patient/client should receive regardless of whether it is provided solely by a registered nurse or by a registered nurse in collaboration with other licensed or unlicensed personnel. The Standards are based on the premise that the registered nurse is responsible for and accountable to the patient/client for the quality of nursing care rendered. The Standards of Practice for Registered Professional Nurses shall establish a baseline for quality nursing care; be derived from the Georgia Nurse Practice Act; apply to the registered nurse practicing in any setting; and, govern the practice of the licensee at all levels of competency.
(a) Standards related to the registered nurse's responsibility to apply the nursing process (adapted from American Nurses' Association Code for Nurses and Standards of Practice). The registered nurse shall:
1.Assess the patient/client in a systematic, organized manner;
2.Formulate a nursing diagnosis based on accessible, communicable and recorded data (which is collected in a systematic and continuous manner);
3.Plan care which includes goals and prioritized nursing approaches or measures derived from the nursing diagnoses;
4.Implement strategies to provide for patient/client participation in health promotion, maintenance and restoration;
5.Initiate nursing actions to assist the patient/client to maximize her/his health capabilities;
6.Evaluate with the patient/client the status of goal achievement as a basis for reassessment, reordering of priorities, new goal-setting and revision of the plan of nursing care;
7.Seek educational resources and create learning experiences to enhance and maintain current knowledge and skills appropriate to her/his area of practice.
(b) Standards related to the registered nurse's responsibilities as a member of the nursing profession. The registered nurse shall:
1.Function within the legal boundaries of nursing practice based upon knowledge of statutes and regulations governing nursing;
2.Accept responsibility for individual nursing actions and continued competence;
3.Communicate, collaborate and function with other members of the health team to provide optimum care;
4.Seek education and supervision as necessary when implementing nursing practice techniques;
5.Respect the dignity and rights of the patient/client regardless of socioeconomic status, personal attributes or nature of health problems;
6.Maintain each patient/client's right to privacy by protecting confidential information unless obligated, by law, to disclose the information;
7.Provide nursing care without discrimination on the basis of diagnosis, age, sex, race, creed or color;
8.Assign and supervise only those nursing measures which the nurse knows, or should know, that another person is prepared, qualified, or licensed to perform;
9.Retain professional accountability for nursing care when delegating nursing intervention;
10.Respect and safeguard the property of clients, family, significant others and the employer;
11.Notify the appropriate party of any unprofessional conduct which may jeopardize patient/client safety;
12.Participate in the periodic review and evaluation of the quality and appropriateness of nursing care.
(c) Standards related to the registered nurse's responsibilities in assignment of patient activities to unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP). The registered nurse shall:
1.Determine that the care and/or activity to be performed would be based upon orders or directions of a licensed physician, licensed dentist, licensed podiatrist or person licensed to practice nursing as a registered professional nurse.
2.Assign only care and activities that do not require the skills and knowledge of a person practicing nursing as a registered professional nurse or licensure of another health care professional. The care and activities to be assigned must meet all of the following criteria:
a.The care and/or activities do not require complex observations or critical decisions.
b.The care and/or activities can be safely performed according to exact, unchanging directions.
c.The outcome and/or results of the activities are reasonably predictable.
3.Verify that the UAP has the necessary knowledge and skills to accept the assignment.
4.Periodically evaluate and review the quality and appropriateness of the care provided by the UAP.
5.Not assign activities which require licensure to an unlicensed assistive personnel.


Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 410-10-.01
O.C.G.A. ยงยง 43-1-25, 43-26-2, 43-26-3, 43-26-5, 43-26-10, and 43-26-12.
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