Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 480-24-.07 - Hospice Emergency Drug Kits

Emergency Drug Kits may be placed in licensed hospices by the pharmacy of the consultant or vendor pharmacist provided the following guidelines are met:

(1) A record of the drugs to be kept in an emergency drug kit to be kept in the hospice and the provider pharmacy;
(2) Drugs shall not be accessed for use from the emergency drug kit in an emergency situation without a new prescription drug order from a licensed practitioner. A valid, signed prescription drug order for any such drug must be issued to the vendor pharmacy, supplying the emergency drug kit, within 72 hours of the drug being taken from the kit.
(3) Emergency drug kits shall be stored in limited access areas and sealed to prevent unauthorized access and to insure a proper environment for preservation of the drugs therein. The provider pharmacy shall develop a method to readily determine if an emergency drug kit has been accessed without authorization;
(4) An emergency drug kit must be inventoried once a month by a pharmacist from the provider pharmacy and sign a card attached to the kit indicating the date it was inspected. The provider pharmacy must maintain an adequate record of such inspections.
(5) Special Agents of the GDNA shall have the authority to check emergency drug kits as well as the records in the provider pharmacy to determine that drugs and records are accurate and the emergency drug kit is being properly used;
(6) The provider pharmacy must apply on an individual basis to the Board, in care of the GDNA Director, for approval to place an emergency drug kit in each individual hospice and a copy of this approval will be kept on file in both the hospice and the provider pharmacy. Upon recommendation by the GDNA Director, the Board may revoke the approval for an emergency drug kit in any hospice where abuse or misuse of drugs from the emergency drug kit is used for any purpose other than emergency purposes;
(7) The Board shall have the authority to approve on an individual basis the drugs and the amounts of each individual drug allowed to be kept in an emergency drug kit. Any change in the drugs and amounts kept in a kit must be submitted in writing to the GDNA Director who shall make recommendations to the Board. After Board approval, a copy of this approval will be maintained in the GDNA provider pharmacy file and by the nursing home. Any emergency drug kit approval becomes null and void once the approved pharmacy ceases to provide that kit.
(8) Each solid oral dosage form placed in an emergency drug kit must be individually labeled with the name and strength of the drug, lot number, expiration date, and other appropriate cautionary information; and
(9) The exterior of an emergency drug kit shall be labeled so as to clearly and unmistakably indicate that it is an emergency drug kit and is for "EMERGENCY USE ONLY", and the label shall be physically signed and dated by the pharmacist who sealed the kit. In addition, a listing of the drugs contained therein, including the name, address, and telephone number(s) of the provider pharmacy shall be attached to both the exterior and the interior of an emergency drug kit.


Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 480-24-.07
O.C.G.A. Secs. 16-13-34, 16-13-35, 16-13-36, 16-13-21(23), 16-13-39, 16-13-41, 16-13-72, 16-13-77, 24-4-53, 26-4-27, 26-4-28, 26-4-29, 26-4-100, .
Original Ruler entitled "Hospice Emergency Drug Kits" adopted. F. Apr. 8, 1998; eff. Apr. 28, 1998. Repealed: New Rule of same title adopted. F. Feb. 25, 2002; eff. Mar. 17, 2002.

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