Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 50-9-.07 - Signing and Sealing Documents as Registered Interior Designer

(1) Every holder of a certificate of registration shall secure a SEAL of the design shown below, which shall be imprinted on all documents prepared by the Registered Interior Designer or prepared under his responsible control, or which is a prototypical document for which the Registered Interior Designer of Record is assuming professional responsibility as allowed by this Chapter. The SEAL shall be imprinted on each drawing, imprinted on the cover and index pages identifying all specifications covered by the index pages and imprinted on all other documents of service as well. For all documents of service to be submitted for the purpose of obtaining a building permit or for any other requirement as set forth by law, the registered interior designer's signature shall be original, in permanent blue ink, with the issue date and purpose appropriately identified on the document.
(2) Nothing in these rules shall preclude the use of a seal electronically applied to the document; however, to restrict electronic access to his seal, the Registered Interior Designer of record may elect, for all documents subsequently issued, to substitute for his seal the following notation "These documents have been properly sealed and signed by (named) Registered Interior Designer of record. Original permitted sets of these documents are on file with (name of permitting authority) and are kept at the job site."
(3) All subsequent revisions to the documents shall be made under the responsible control of the Registered Interior Designer of record and when so noted shall be considered the same as those originally signed, sealed and dated.
(4) The SEAL shall serve to identify the Registered Interior Designer as the author or person in responsible control of the preparation of all drawings, specifications, and other document and as the Registered Interior Designer of Record.
(5) The SEAL in this context means the personal, professional SEAL of a Georgia Registered Interior Designer certified under Code Chapter 43-4 to use the title Registered Interior Designer. A SEAL containing a firm name or a corporate name is not acceptable under this paragraph.
(6) An Registered Interior Designer shall not affix, or permit to be affixed, his SEAL or his name to any drawing, specification, or other document as an Registered Interior Designer unless holding at the time a current certificate of registration in the State of Georgia.
(7) The improper use of the SEAL or permitting the improper use thereof is ground for discipline of a licensee. Any person not licensed who improperly uses the SEAL of another is subject to the sanctions available under Code Chapter 43-4.
(8) Description of SEAL: The SEAL shall contain the NAME of the Registered interior designer, his CERTIFICATE NUMBER and shall contain the words GEORGIA REGISTERED INTERIOR DESIGNER - STATE OF GEORGIA, all in accordance with the sample shown below.

The SEAL shall comply in all respects with the sample below, including size and format.

It shall be 1 ¾" x 1 ¾" inches square, with a 1/16" thick border of and a corner radius of ¼ ", with type font and size as indicated: State of Georgia/Arial black, 7 pt; Registered Interior Designer/ Arial black, 7pt.; Name/ Arial; Certificate Number/ Arial, 7 pt. each to be 1/16" high. The SEAL shall be of a type, which will make an impression by rubber stamp on the surface of the document to which it is applied.

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Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 50-9-.07
O.C.G.A. Secs. 43-1-4, 43-1-19, 43-4-9, 43-4-14, 43-4-33.
Original Rule entitled "Signing and Sealing Documents as Registered Interior Designer" adopted. F. Sept. 21, 2010; eff. Oct. 11, 2010.

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