Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 515-12-1-.10 - Directories

Current through Rules and Regulations filed through April 4, 2022

(1) On an annual basis, an incumbent local exchange carrier shall publish telephone directories that list the name, address and telephone number of all customers, except public telephones and telephone service unlisted at customer's request. Where customer address and location differ, location should be given.
(2) To the extent directory assistance is provided, the telephone utility shall list its customers with the directory assistance operators to provide the requested telephone numbers based on the customers' names and addresses when such requests are made by communication users. Where customer address and location differ, location should be given.
(3) A local exchange company shall distribute, or arrange to have distributed, printed directories free of charge to requesting customers served by that directory. The local exchange company or any of its affiliates or delegates distributing such directories shall not market services to such requesting customers, and will:
(a) accept electronic files from competing carriers identifying such requesting customers;
(b) accept those telephone calls from competing carriers where the requesting customers are on the line; and
(c) arrange with the carrier and the customers for the provision of directories to the customers. Furthermore, prior to discontinuing the distribution of copies of residential directories to any community, a local exchange company shall execute, or arrange to have executed, reasonable measures to transition affected customers to a system in which they will not receive the residential directory, except upon request. These reasonable measures shall include notification that the directories will be distributed only upon request, that distribution upon request will be free of charge, and the phone number and e-mail address affected customers may use to request a copy of the directories. This notification shall be included in a bill insert or a bill message and on the local exchange company's website.
(4) The name of the telephone utility, an indication of the area included in the directory and the month and year of the issue shall appear on the front cover. Information pertaining to emergency calls such as for the police and fire departments shall appear conspicuously in the front part of the directory pages.
(5) The directory shall contain instructions concerning placing local and long distance calls, calls to repair and directory assistance services, and locations and telephone numbers of telecommunications company business offices as may be appropriate to the area served by the directory.
(6) To the extent directory assistance is provided, directory assistance operators shall have access to records of all telephone numbers (except telephone numbers not listed or published at customer request) in the area for which they are responsible for furnishing directory assistance service.
(7) In the event of an error in the listed number of any customer, the incumbent local exchange carrier shall intercept all calls to the listed number for a reasonable period of time provided existing central office equipment will permit and the number is not in service. In the event of an error or omission in the name listing of a customer, such customer's correct name and telephone number shall be in the files of the directory assistance or intercept operators and the correct number furnished the calling party either upon request or interception.
(8) Whenever any customer's telephone number is changed after a directory is published, the incumbent local exchange carrier shall intercept all calls to the former number for a reasonable period of time, and give the calling party the new number provided existing central office equipment will permit, and the customer so desires.
(9) When additions or changes in plant or changes to any other utility operations necessitate changing telephone numbers to a group of customers, reasonable notice shall be given to all customers so affected even though the addition or changes may be coincident with a directory issue.


Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 515-12-1-.10
Ga. L. 1878-79, p. 125, 1907, p. 72; 1922, pp. 143, 144; 1964, p. 338; 1965, p. 283, 1973, pp.677-681; 1975, Sec. 2, p. 406.
Original Rule entitled "Directories" adopted. F. Dec. 29, 1975; eff. 1/1/1976 as specified by Ga. L. 1975, p. 411. Amended: F. Jan. 26, 2010; eff. 2/15/2010. Amended: F. May 20, 2010; effective 6/9/2010. Amended: F. Oct. 6, 2016; eff. 10/26/2016. Amended: F. Jan. 10, 2017; eff. 1/30/2017.

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