Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 515-12-1-.23 - Customer Trouble Reports

Current through Rules and Regulations filed through April 4, 2022

(1) Competitive Local Exchange Carriers that provide local exchange service through resold telecommunication services, unbundled network elements and/or special access are exempt from the provisions of this rule.
(2) Each utility shall provide for the receipt of customer trouble reports at all hours and make a full and prompt investigation of all complaints. The utility shall maintain an accurate record of trouble reports made by its customers. This record shall include appropriate identification of the customer or service affected; the time, date and nature of the report; the action taken to clear trouble or satisfy the complaint; and the date and time of trouble clearance or other disposition.
(3) Each utility shall file with the Commission a trouble report summary or a quarterly basis which shall be filed on or before the end of the month following the reporting period. This report shall include 1. The name of each exchange; 2. The number of exchange lines for each exchange; 3. The number of troubles filed that month for each exchange; 4. The Trouble Index (number of reported troubles per 100 lines) for each exchange; and 5. A detailed explanation if the Trouble Index is above the allowable 4% maximum.
(4) Provisions shall be made to clear troubles of an emergency nature at all hours, consistent with the needs of customers and the personal safety of utility personnel.
(5) Provisions shall be made to normally clear all out-of-service trouble not requiring unusual repair, such as cable failure, within 24 hours (Sundays excepted) of the report received by the utility unless the customer agrees to another arrangement.
(6) All commitments to customers shall be kept, unless customers are timely notified of unavoidable changes. If unusual repairs are required, or other factors preclude clearing of reported trouble promptly, reasonable efforts shall be made to notify affected customers.
(7) Service shall be maintained in such a manner that trouble reports by central office do not exceed four trouble reports per one hundred access lines per month for two consecutive months, or per month for four months in any one twelve-month period. This standard does not apply to trouble reports related to customer premise equipment, inside wiring, force majeure, or outages of service caused by persons or entities other than the telephone utility.
(8) Transmission Requirements. Telephone utilities shall furnish and maintain adequate plant, equipment and facilities to provide satisfactory transmission of communications between customers in their service areas. Transmission shall be at adequate volume levels and free of excessive distortion. Levels of noise and cross-talk shall be such as not to impair communications.


Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 515-12-1-.23
Ga. L. 1878-79, p. 125, 1907, p. 72, 1922, pp. 143, 144, 1964, p. 338, 1965, p. 283, 1973, pp. 677 to 681, 1975, Sec. 2, p. 406.
Original Rule entitled "Customer Trouble Reports" adopted. F. Dec. 29, 1975; eff. 1/1/1976, as specified by Ga. L. 1975, p. 411. Amended: F. Nov. 26, 2002; eff. 12/16/2002. Amended: F. Feb. 7, 2003; eff. 2/27/2003.

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