Haw. Code R. § 1.08 - Appearances Before the Board

(a) All persons shall comply with this rule when appearing before the board. Unless otherwise required by applicable federal or state law, the board shall have the discretion to prescribe additional standards and procedures for all appearances and proceedings before the board. The board may waive or suspend the provisions of this rule with respect to any particular appearance or proceeding before it.
(b) Any person appearing before the board may appear in person, by an officer, partner or regular employee of the party, or be represented by an authorized representative. The board may at any time require any person transacting business with the board in a representative capacity to prove or authenticate the person's authority and qualification to act in such capacity.
(c) The board shall afford all interested persons an opportunity to present oral testimony or submit data, views, or arguments, in writing, on any agenda item.
(1) Persons providing written testimony shall provide thirty copies of their testimony of which twenty (20) copies shall be made available to the public. Twenty (20) copies of materials provided to the board for or during a meeting that are determined to be disclosable shall be made available for distribution to the public.
(2) The board shall hear oral testimony on an agenda item after it has completed discussion of that item. At that time, the presiding officer shall invite members of the public to ask questions or provide comments on the agenda item prior to any action by the board. After the public has had an opportunity to provide input on the agenda item, the board may discuss the agenda item further and act on the item or move on to the next agenda item.
(3) A person may speak at a board meeting only when recognized to do so by the presiding officer. Comments are limited to three minutes per speaker. Time limitations may be adjusted at the discretion of the presiding officer or at the request of any three trustees. A person may not speak a second time on the same question unless authorized by the presiding officer to do so.
(4) The board may refuse to hear any testimony that is irrelevant, immaterial, or unduly repetitious and may from time to time impose additional conditions as are necessary or desirable for the orderly, efficient, and convenient presentation of oral testimony to the board. The board may request that the person providing oral testimony submit the testimony in writing to the board.
(d) Nothing herein shall require the board to hear or receive any oral testimony or documentary evidence from a person on any matter which is the subject of another proceeding pending before the board.


Haw. Code R. § 1.08
Eff 8/13/2016 Eff 10/18/2019 Am 12/1/2023

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