Haw. Code R. § 15-23-84 - Determination by authority or executive director

Current through February, 2022

In reaching its determination on an application for a development permit, the authority or executive director, as the case may be, shall consider the following:

(1) The nature of the proposed site and development, including its size and shape, and the proposed size, shape, and height, arrangement and design of structures;
(2) Whether the open spaces;
(A) Are of such size and location as to serve as convenient areas for recreation, relaxation, and social activities for the patrons of the development; and
(B) Are so planned, designed, and situated as to function as necessary physical and aesthetic open areas among and between individual structures and groups of structures;
(3) Whether the setbacks, yards, pedestrianways, bikeways, and related walkways are so located and of sufficient dimensions to provide for adequate light, air, pedestrian circulation, and necessary vehicular access;
(4) Whether the vehicular circulation system, including access and off-street parking and loading, is so designed as to provide an efficient, safe, and convenient transportation system;
(5) Whether the pedestrian circulation system:
(A) Is so located, designed, and of sufficient size as to conveniently handle pedestrian traffic efficiently and without congestion;
(B) Is separated, if necessary, from vehicular roadways so as to be safe, pleasing, and efficient for movement of pedestrians; and
(C) Provides efficient, convenient, and adequate linkages among open spaces, commercial and employment areas, and public facilities;
(6) The adequacy of landscaping, screening, parking, and loading areas, service areas, lighting and signs, with relation to the type of use and neighborhood;
(7) The appropriateness of the proposed mixtures of uses;
(8) The staging program and schedule of development;
(9) Relationship between structures and operations within structures;
(10) Whether views will be preserved or blocked;
(11) Surface treatment;
(12) Overall appearance of a development from the street and adjacent developments;
(13) Whether structures have an appropriate orientation to take advantage of winds, reduce direct sun exposure, and minimize shadow effect on adjacent buildings;
(14) Preservation of adjacent view corridors;
(15) Whether the facades of building are properly-terraced, landscaped, and designed;
(16) Relationship between and among uses along the adjacent street;
(17) Development contribution to the attractiveness of the street-scape; and
(18) Any other matter relating to the development or its impact on affected properties or public facilities.


Haw. Code R. § 15-23-84
[Eff 2/24/90; am and comp 10/10/98; comp 2/2/02; comp 12/9/02; am and comp 11/3/05] (Auth: HRS §§ 206E-4, 206E-5, 206E-7) (Imp: HRS §§206E -4, 206E-5, 206E-7)

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