§11-100.1-10 - Admission policies.

§11-100.1-10 Admission policies.

(a) Type I ARCHs shall admit residents requiring care as stated in section 11-100.1-2. The level of care needed by the resident shall be determined and documented by that resident's physician or APRN prior to admission. Information as to each resident's level of care shall 'be obtained prior to a resident's admission to a Type I ARCH and shall be made available for review by the department, the resident, the resident's legal guardian, the resident's responsible placement agency, and others authorized by the resident to review it.

(b) All licensed Type I ARCHs shall admit residents without regard to age, disability, race, color, national origin (including language), sexual orientation, religion or gender.

(c) The licensee has the right to refuse a person for admission if the licensee has made a determination that the Type I ARCH lacks the capability for providing

appropriate care.

(d) The Type I ARCH shall only admit residents at appropriate levels of care. The capacity of the Type I ARCH shall also be limited by this chapter, chapter 321, HRS, and as determined by the department.

(e) Persons requiring an increased level of care may be permitted in a Type I or Type II ARCH if the primary care giver is deemed capable by the department of providing the necessary interim care while awaiting transfer to an appropriate facility.

(f) The resident and the resident's family, legal guardian, surrogate or representative shall be informed at the time of admission of all facility policies and procedures.

(g) An inventory of all personal items brought into the Type I ARCH by the resident shall be maintained.

(h) Residents requiring emergency admission to an ARCH or expanded ARCH, due to removal from their current placement by the department or other state agency and who lack immediate access to a physician or emergency room, and who are unable to provide a report of tuberculosis clearance within one year of admission, may be admitted to the ARCH or expanded ARCH if the resident obtains a chest x-ray indicating freedom from communicable tuberculosis within twenty-four hours after admission. The resident shall obtain a tuberculin skin test within three days after admission, as per departmental procedure. The resident shall also submit to a physical examination within one week after admission unless he or she has done so within three months prior to admission.

        [Eff SEP 18 2006 ] (Auth: HRS §§321-9, 321-10, 321-11, 321-15.6) (Imp: HRS §§321-10, 321-11, 321-15.6, 42 USC §2000a)

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