§11-106-1 - Purpose.

§11-106-1 Purpose.

         The purpose of this chapter is to specify how the department or its designee shall conduct background checks to ensure the reputable and responsible character of all prospective applicants, operators, direct patient access employees, and adult volunteers of a healthcare facility that is licensed and certified, or licensed or certified by the department, and, in the case of any healthcare facility operated in a private residence, all adults living in the home other than the clients, and a person or entity seeking part-time or full-time employment or contract or sub-contract with the department.

        [Eff FEB 03 2019 ] (Auth: HRS §321-11; 321-15.2; 321-171.5; 846-2.7) (Imp: HRS §321-15.2; 846-2.7)

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