§11-113-15 - Laboratory personnel.

§11-113-15 Laboratory personnel.

         (a) The laboratory shall have a scientific director to assume overall professional responsibility for the laboratory's drug testing facility. This individual shall have the following minimum qualifications:


         (1) A Ph.D. in one of the natural sciences such as toxicology, pharmacology, chemistry, or biological chemistry, or training and experience comparable to a Ph.D. in one of the natural sciences, such as a medical or scientific degree with additional training and laboratory/research experience in toxicology, pharmacology, chemistry, or biological chemistry; and

         (2) Appropriate experience in analytical forensic toxicology.


         (b) The scientific director shall be responsible for the day-to-day management of the substance abuse testing laboratory, ensuring the competency of laboratory personnel by documenting their training, reviewing their work performance, and verifying their skills, for the continued maintenance of the procedure manual, maintaining quality assurance program, and assuring and documenting the validity, reliability, accuracy, precision and performance characteristics of each test and test system. The scientific director shall review all confirmatory test results for accuracy and reliability, and all chain of custody documents fo specimens which have yielded positive test results.

         (c) All persons who perform substance abuse testing shall meet one of the following requirements:


         (1) Have a bachelor's degree from a college or university which is acceptable to the department, with a minimum of fifteen semester hours in college level chemistry courses;

         (2) Have a license as clinical laboratory technologist or specialist in clinical chemistry from the department; or

         (3) Have a minimum of four years of experience as an analyst in substance abuse testing, analytical chemistry, clinical chemistry, or biological chemistry.

        [Eff 1/23/92; Comp OCT 19 2007 ](Auth: HRS §§329B-4, 329B-8) (Imp: HRS §329B-4)


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