§11-113-25 - Responsibilities of medical review officer.

§11-113-25 Responsibilities of medical review officer.

         (a) The medical review officer shall receive from the laboratory all positive test results and all chain of custody forms, and from the collection site, information about specimen-individual identifiers. If so desired by the third party, the medical review officer may also receive from the laboratory negative test results.

         (b) For each positive test result, the medical review officer shall determine whether the result can be attributable to factors other than substance abuse. The medical review officer is responsible for the following actions:


         (1) Consult with the laboratory officials if necessary.

         (2) Request, if needed, a quantitative description of test results.

         (3) Inform the tested individual of the test results.

         (4) Offer to conduct a medical interview with the tested individual, but not necessarily face to face.

         (5) Review the individual's medical history or any other relevant biomedical factors which the individual has provided.

         (6) Order a re-analysis of the original specimen by a laboratory if necessary.

         (7) Consult with the third party, if necessary.


         (c) The medical review officer shall verify a positive test result if the positive result is consistent with substance abuse based on the information obtained in subsection (b).

         (d) The medical review officer shall report to the third party all verified positive test results. The individuals whose specimens yielded verified positive test results shall also be notified of the results by the medical review officer.

         (e) The medical review officer shall designate as negative results all positive test results which cannot be.verified.

         (f) The medical review officer shall keep confidential all individuals' medical histories.

         (g) The medical review officer shall retain records for three years unless notified by the third party that the test results are under legal challenge, in which case the records shall be retained for an indefinite, period of time.

        [Eff 1/23/92; am and comp OCT 19 2007 ] (Auth: HRS §§329B-2, 329B-4, 329B-5, 329B-8) (Imp: HRS §§329B-2, 329B-4, 329B-5)

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