§11-113-29 - Reports.

§11-113-29 Reports.

         (a) The report from the laboratory to the medical review officer shall contain information on tests performed on specimens for drugs or the metabolites of drugs, including:


         (1) The type of test conducted for each specimen.

         (2) The cutoff level used to distinguish positive and negative specimens on both the initial and confirmatory tests.

         (3) The name and address of the laboratory.

         (4) Any additional information concerning the tests.


         (b) In any arrangement between laboratories, which involves the transfer of specimens or portions of specimens, the analyzing laboratory shall be identified in all reports.

         (c) No report to the third party shall contain any indication of presumptive positive test results or positive test results which cannot be verified.

         (d) Procedures must be in place to ensure that the identity of an individual with a presumptive positive test result or an unverified positive test result cannot be determined by the third party in any manner, including, but not limited to, the method of billing the third party and the time within which results are provided to the third party.

        [Eff 1/23/92; comp OCT 19 2007 ] (Auth: HRS §§329B-4, 329B-5, 329B-6, 329B-8) (Imp: HRS §§329B-4, 329B-5, 329B-6)

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