§11-113-7 - Blood specimen.

§11-113-7 Blood specimen.

         In addition to section §11-113-5, the collection of blood specimens shall include the following:


         (1) Blood specimens may be drawn only by a physician, registered nurse, a person with a clinical laboratory personnel license, or a phlebotomist deemed qualified by the director of a clinical laboratory which is licensed by the state.

         (2) The area of puncture shall be thoroughly cleansed and disinfected with an aqueous solution of non-volatile antiseptic. Alcohol shall not be used as a disinfectant if the blood specimen shall be tested for alcohol content.

         (3) Blood shall be drawn with a sterile dry needle into a vacuum container; or a sterile dry needle and syringe and deposited in a clean dry container. The container shall be capped or stoppered and sealed.

         (4) Each specimen must have the following information:


         (A) The individual's specimen number.

         (B) Date, time and place of blood specimen collection.

         (C) Name of the person drawing blood; and

         (D) Type and amount of preservative or anticoagulant, or both, used, if any.

        [Eff l/23/92;am and comp OCT 19 2007 ] (Auth: HRS§§329B-4, 329B-8) (Imp: HRS §329B-4)

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