§11-157-3.05 - Documentation of immunizations.

§11-157-3.05 Documentation of immunizations.

(a) Documentation of immunizations shall indicate the department of health or the name of the practitioner responsible for administering or reviewing each immunization. The documentation shall also bear the signature of the practitioner or the stamp or imprinted name of the department, the practitioner, or the licensed facility at which the practitioner practices.

(b) Documentation of immunizations shall include the complete date (recorded as month/day/year) the vaccine was administered. An immunization record without complete dates may be accepted for school, post-secondary school, or child care facility attendance if it can be determined that each vaccination complied with the minimum interval and age requirements.

(c) Documentation of serologic evidence of immunity may be substituted for a record of immunizations for certain diseases as specified by the United States Department of Health and Human Services', Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices in its General Best Practice Guidelines for Immunization, attached hereto as Exhibit B. The documentation shall include a laboratory report, signed by a practitioner, certifying that the student or child is immune to the named diseases.

(d) A signed, documented history of a diagnosis of varicella by a practitioner or a signed report by a practitioner that the practitioner has reviewed a reported history of varicella infection and has made a clinical judgment that the individual is immune to varicella may be substituted for a record of immunization with varicella vaccine.

(e) Electronic versions of the documentation of immunizations, documentation of serologie evidence of immunity, and documentation of a history of varicella (chicken pox), including records maintained in the Hawaii immunization registry, are acceptable provided all information required by this section is recorded.

(f) Documentation of immunizations and evidence of immunity shall be maintained by schools, post-secondary schools, and child care facilities, either as a part of the student's health record, post-secondary school student's record, or child care facility child's record, or as part of an electronic record that complies with this section.

        [Eff and comp 8/27/01; am and comp AUG 23 2019 ] (Auth: HRS §§302A-1162, 321-9, 321-11, 325-13, 325-32) (Imp: HRS §§302A-1154 through 302A-1156, 321-1, 321-9, 321-11, 325-13, 325-32, 325-33, 325-37)

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