§11-157-4 - Performance of immunization; records.

§11-157-4 Performance of immunization; records.

(a) Any immunization required by these rules shall be performed by a practitioner, other medical personnel under the direction of a practitioner, or the department. The manner and frequency of immunization administration shall conform with these rules and recognized standard medical practices.

(b) Records of any immunizations required by these rules that are not administered in the United States may be accepted if reviewed and signed or stamped by a practitioner.

(c) Documentation of any examination or immunization required by these rules shall be maintained by the practitioner or the department and shall be available for inspection and copying by the department.

        [Eff 11/5/81; am and comp 6/17/93; am and comp 10/23/97; am and comp 8/27/01; am and comp AUG 23 2019 ] (Auth: HRS §§302A-1162, 321-9, 321-11(22), 325-13, 325-32) (Imp: HRS §§302A-1154, 302A-1159, 302A-1160, 302A-1162, 302A-1163, 321-9, 321-11, 325-13, 325-32, 325-33, 325-35)

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