§11-157-7.1 - Suspension and revocation; exclusion.

§11-157-7.1 Suspension and revocation; exclusion. (a) Valid certificates of TB clearance, immunization records, physical examination records, and certificates of medical or religious exemption (collectively "documents") may be suspended or revoked if a preponderance of the evidence shows that a document contains a material inaccuracy, misrepresentation, or is fraudulent.

(b) A student or child shall be excluded from school, post-secondary school, or child care facilities if any document required by this chapter is suspended or revoked.

        [Eff and comp 10/23/97; am and comp 8/27/01; am and comp AUG 23 2019 ] (Auth: HRS §§302A-1162, 321-9, 321-11, 325-13, 325-32) (Imp: HRS §§302A-901, 302A-1154 through 302A-1163, 321-1, 321-9, 321-11, 325-13, 325-32 through 325-38)

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