§11-188-5 - Scope.

§11-188-5 Scope.

         Data governance applies to the following:

         (1) State employees, contractors, or any of the agency's designees including their employees, and agents (including out of state governmental entities or nonprofits and private firms or entities and individuals, third party administrators) with authorized access to health care claims data entrusted to the agency;

         (2) All health care claims data collected, analyzed, and reported on by the agency or any of the agency's designees, regardless of where the data is located and in what medium it is stored (e.g., physical or electronic), how it is accessed, and how it is transmitted; and

         (3) Sensitive information that is subject to privacy considerations or is classified as confidential and is therefore subject to protection from public access or inappropriate disclosure.

        [Eff MAR 17 2018

         ] (Auth: HRS §§323D-12, 323D-18.5, 323D-62) {Imp: HRS §§323D-12, 323D-18.5)

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