§11-188-6 - Steering committee

§11-188-6 Steering committee.

         {a) The steering committee's responsibilities include:

         (1) Providing project direction and executive leadership;

         (2) Reviewing, requiring changes, and approving the annual plan developed by the agency;

         (3) Defining clear and consistent structures, models, and processes that promote efficient use of resources to meet the information and analytical needs of the agency's community;

         (4) Providing guidance and recommendations concerning health care claims data, including expanding access, improving quality, assuring data privacy and security, and improving performance;

         (5) Providing final approval of all requests for data and reports; and

         (6) Facilitating the identification, prioritization, and methods of analysis and evaluation for health care costs, programs, disparities, and medical loss ratios with other stakeholders.

         (b) The steering committee shall consist of the administrator of the agency, directors or designees of the departments of health, budget and finance, commerce and consumer affairs and the insurance commissioner, human services, EUTF, the office of enterprise technology services, and the University of Hawaii. Oversight and final approval of work products are the responsibility of the steering committee.

        [Eff MAR 17 2018 ] (Auth: HRS §§323D-12, 323D-18.5, 323D-62) (Imp: HRS §§323D-12, 323D-18.5)

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