§11-19-5 - Plans required of county and state agencies.

§11-19-5 Plans required of county and state agencies.

(a) "Type A" and "Type B" emergencies county water systems.

(1) The state and all county government agencies in Hawaii shall have emergency response plans, to deal with drinking water problems.

(2) Each county department of water supply shall have a plan, updated at least yearly, which includes designation of key personnel and contact numbers; lists of resources (manpower, equipment, and facilities); designation of supporting agencies and utilities; description of alert procedures; responsibilities of specified department staff members; and methods of communication to be utilized in an emergency. Each county shall promptly file its latest updated plan with the DOH, drinking water section.

(3) State and county CDA shall develop and maintain preparedness plans that establish the emergency responsibilities and functions of the government agencies which will provide disaster assistance.

(4) Plans shall provide for emergency public notification and information procedures coordinated with the civil defense system, the civ-alert emergency radio, television announcements, and the use of fire and police department mobile public address systems as appropriate and necessary.

(b) "Type A" and "Type B" emergencies-private water systems.

(1) Private water supplies shall respond to emergency situations to the extent of their ability, recognizing that private water suppliers may lack the proper and necessary resources.

(2) The primary initial support will be from the county DWS, with resources from other public and private agencies utilized as necessary. Provision of certain types of assistance by a county CDA to private suppliers may first require a declaration of emergency by the county mayor.

(3) Many private suppliers have contracts and informal arrangements with public agencies and can secure emergency assistance by these means.

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