§11-21-8 - Maintenance requirements.

§11-21-8 Maintenance requirements.

(a) It shall be the responsibility of water users to maintain all backflow preventors and vacuum breakers within the building or on the premises in good working order. No piping or other arrangement for the purpose of bypassing backflow devices shall be permitted.

(b) Periodic testing and inspection schedule shall be established by the director for all backflow preventors in intervals between such testing, inspection and overhauls of each devices shall be established in accordance with age and condition of the backflow prevention device. Inspection intervals should not exceed one year. Backflow prevention devices should be inspected frequently after initial installation to assure that the devices are properly installed and debris resulting from the installation has not interfered with the functioning of the device. The inspection and testing shall be performed by a certified tester approved by the director. In those instances where the director deems the hazard to be great, inspections may be required at more frequent intervals. Records of any tests, repairs and overhauls shall be kept and made on forms prescribed by the director. Should the water user fail to make the proper test and provide all records on the test, the director at his discretion may perform the necessary test, needed repairs, and replacements and charge the cost thereof to the water consumer.

        [Eff. 12/26/81] (Auth: HRS §§340E-2, 340E-9) (Imp: HRS §§340E-2, 340E-9)

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