§11-218-4 - Credentials of providers.

§11-218-4 Credentials of providers. (a) The credentials of providers shall be based on the level and specialization determined by the national organizations or state screening agency which provide the credentials listed in section 11-218-3. The board shall review criteria of the credentials awarded by national organizations and the state screening agency with input from the community. Documentation of completion of sign language courses or interpreter training programs shall not be substituted for credentials listed in section 11-218-3.

         (b) Currently there are no known national or state organizations that award credentials for computer-assisted notetakers. It is recommended that state agencies hire persons who meet the following characteristics to provide computer-assisted notetaking services: ability to organize and summarize information; ability to type at least sixty words per minute; familiarity with the subject being discussed; experience working with persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, or deaf-blind; working knowledge of laptop computers and word processing software; and good auditory, verbal, and spelling skills.

         (c) The validity of credentials shall be based on criteria for maintenance of credentials established by the appropriate national or state organizations that issue credentials as referenced in section 11-218-3. Providers shall furnish, upon request, documentation of credentials to the state agency when communication access services are contracted.

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