§11-218-5.1 - Fee schedule guidelines.

§11-218-5.1 Fee schedule guidelines. (a) The board shall issue a recommended fee schedule to guide state agencies in determining the cost of hiring communication access service providers. The recommended fee schedule may include recommendations for mileage, travel, cancellation, and other allowable provider fees. The guidelines shall be advisory only and state agencies may negotiate fees with the providers.

         (b) In developing the recommended fee schedule, the board shall seek advice from consumers, providers, and state agencies.

         (c) The board shall publish the recommended fee schedule on the board's website.

         (d) The recommended fee schedule shall be reviewed periodically and may be amended as needed.

        [Eff and comp 11/6/00; am and comp 12/24/01; am and comp 10/13/05; am and comp 7/23/07; am and comp 2/27/09; am and comp 10/27/11; am and comp AUG 14 2020] (Auth: HRS §348F-6) (Imp: HRS §348F-3)

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