§11-218-6 - Cancellation of services.

§11-218-6 Cancellation of services. (a) State agencies shall follow the cancellation policies and procedures of a referral agency when contracting for the services of a communication access provider. State agencies are encouraged to review such policies and procedures prior to contracting with a referral agency.

         (b) When a state agency contracts with a provider without the use of an interpreter referral agency, the state agency is responsible to confirm the cancellation fee policies and procedures with the provider at the same time the communication access service fees are confirmed. If a provider does not have cancellation fee policies and procedures, it is recommended that the state agency and provider follow the cancellation fee guidelines that accompany the recommended fee schedule issued pursuant to §11-218-5.1.

        [Eff 5/17/91; comp 6/10/94; comp 4/3/97; am and comp 11/6/00; comp 12/24/01; am and comp 10/13/05; comp 7/23/07; comp 02/27/09; comp 10/27/11; am and comp AUG 14 2020 ] (Auth: HRS §348F-6) (Imp: HRS §348F-3)

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