§11-23-11 - Operating conditions.

§11-23-11 Operating conditions.

(a) No injection well shall be operated, modified or otherwise utilized without a UIC permit issued by the department. Only subclass C wells that meet the requirements of section 11-23-12(f) shall be exempt from obtaining a UIC permit to operate.

(b) No person shall construct, operate, maintain, convert, plug, abandon or conduct any other injection activity in a manner which allows the movement of fluid containing a contaminant into underground sources of drinking water, if the presence of that contaminant may cause a violation of any national or state primary drinking water rule or may otherwise adversely affect the health of one or more persons.

(c) All injection wells shall be operated in such a manner that they do not violate any of the department's administrative rules under title 11, Hawaii Administrative Rules, regulating various aspects of water quality and pollution, and chapters 342-B, 342-D, 342-F, 342-H, 342-J, 342-L, and 342-N, HRS. The rules include:

(1) Chapter 11-20, "Rules Relating To Potable Water Systems";

(2) Chapter 11-62, "Wastewater Systems"; and

(3) Chapter 11-55, "Water Pollution Control".

(d) The operation of all injection wells shall also conform to any limitations on quantity and quality of the injected fluid as are deemed appropriate by the director for the purposes of this chapter.

(e) If at any time the department learns that an injection well may cause a violation of primary drinking water rules, the department shall order the injector to take such actions as may be necessary to prevent the violation, including, where required, cessation of operation of the injection well.

(f) Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, the department shall issue a cease and desist order, effective immediately, upon receipt of information that a contaminant which is present in, or likely to enter, a system, or underground source of drinking water, supplying water for human consumption, poses an imminent and substantial danger to the health of a person or persons. 

         [Eff. 7/6/84; am and comp NOV 1 21992 ] (Auth: HRS §340E-2) (Imp: HRS §§340E-2 and 340E-4, 40 CFR §§144.11, 144.12, 144.24, 144.25, 144.31, 144.40 and 146.52)

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