§11-23-14 - Public notice of proposed wells injecting into USDW.

§11-23-14 Public notice of proposed wells injecting into USDW.

(a) The director shall notify the public of every application for a well proposing to inject into an underground source of drinking water in a manner designed to inform interested and potentially interested persons. Public notice procedures shall include at least the following:

(1) Notice shall be circulated within the geographical area in which the proposed injection is located. The circulation shall, at the discretion of the director, include either or both of the following:

(A) Posting in the post office and public places of the municipality nearest the premises of the applicant in which the injection well facility is located; and

(B) Publishing in local newspapers and periodicals or in a daily newspaper of general circulation;

(2) Notice shall be mailed to any person or group upon request; and

(3) The director shall add to a mailing list the name of any person or group who requests copies of notices for all UIC applications which propose the use of a USDW for injection purposes within the State or a certain geographical area.

(b) The director shall provide a period of not less than thirty days following the date of the public notice, during which time interested persons may submit their written views with respect to the UIC application. All written comments submitted during the thirty-day comment period shall be retained by the director and considered in the formulation of the final determination with respect to the UIC application. The period for comment may be extended at the discretion of the director.

(c) The public notice shall include at least the following:

(1) Name, address and phone number of the agency issuing the public notice;

(2) Name and address of each applicant;

(3) Brief description of each applicant's activities or operations which intend to utilize the injection wells described in the UIC application;

(4) A brief description of the procedures for the formulation of final determinations, including the thirty-day comment period required by subsection (b) of this section and any other means by which interested persons may influence or comment upon those determinations; and

(5) Address and phone number of the state agency premises at which interested persons may obtain further information; and may inspect and copy UIC forms and related documents.

         [Eff. 7/6/84; am and comp NOV 12 1992 ) (Auth: HRS §340E-2) (Imp: HRS §340E-2, 40 CFR §145.31)

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