§11-23-16 - Permit issuance.

§11-23-16 Permit issuance.

(a) The director shall issue a UIC permit for wells which propose to inject into exempted aquifers on the following basis:

(1) Existing or new injection wells do not or will not endanger the quality of underground sources of drinking water.

(2) Existing or new injection wells are designed and are or will be constructed or modified to operate without causing a violation of these rules or other applicable laws.

(3) Proposed injection wells are designed and built in compliance with the standards and limitations stated in sections 11-23-07 to 11-23-10.

(b) The issuance of a UIC permit for wells which propose to inject into USDW shall be based, in addition to subsection (a)(1) to (a)(3) of this section, upon the evaluation of the contamination potential of the local water quality by the injection fluids and the water development potential for public or private consumption. The public shall have an opportunity to present information about these aspects of the proposed project.

(c) The director may issue a UIC permit for any period of time, not to exceed five years.

(d) The director shall review applications for reissuance of UIC permits. Applications for reissuance must be filed at least 180 days prior to UIC permit expiration. UIC permits may be reissued based upon the submission and review of data, as outlined in section 11-23-13, as deemed appropriate by the director at that time.

(e) The UIC permit shall not be transferable from the injection well owner to any other person without the approval of the director. Request for transfer from one person to another shall be made on an application form furnished by the director along with any other data deemed appropriate.

         [Eff. 7/6/84; am and comp NOV 12 1992 ] (Auth: HRS §340E-2) (Imp: HRS §§340E-2, and 340E-9, 40 CFR §§144.11, 144.12, 144.36, 144.38, 144.39 and 144.41)

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