§11-23-17 - Existing injection well registration.

§11-23-17 Existing injection well registration.

(a) The application procedures for a UIC permit, as stated in section 11-23-12, shall apply to owners of existing injection well facilities.

(b) By August 6, 1984, the owner of any existing injection well or wells shall notify the department of the existence of the well, whether or not in use, and shall provide the department with the information required by section 11-23-13(a)(1) through (a)(7).

(c) The owner or operator of any existing injection well or wells shall further, by January 6, 1985, submit to the department information concerning the construction and operating characteristics of such existing wells as required by section 11-23-13(a)(16) through (a)(22).

(d) No existing injection well, including those sited in exempted aquifers, shall be permitted to operate without a UIC permit from the department. The owner of an existing injection well shall obtain a UIC permit by July 6, 1985. The permit shall be issued upon demonstration by the injection well owner that the well's operation does not violate the conditions stated in sections 11-23-10(a), 11-23-11(b) and 11-23-16(a)(1).

(e) By July 6, 1987, the state shall assess all existing injection wells to determine their impact on underground sources of drinking water. Subclass A wells shall be issued a permit until such time that a sewage collection system serves the area if they meet the following provisions:

(1) The application is properly completed;

(2) The injected fluids remain non-polluting to drinking water sources; and

(3) The existing treatment facility design capacity is not exceeded.

(f) Existing wells of any subclass, which are determined to be polluting underground sources of drinking water shall have one year from the time of determination to effect corrective actions. If the pollution is not abated, the permit shall not be renewed or shall be .suspended or revoked.. ["Eff. 7/6/84; am - and comp NOV 12 1992 ] (Auth: HRS §340E-2) (Imp: HRS §340E-2, 40 CFR §§144.15, 144.26, 144.31, 144.33 and 146.52)

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