§11-23-19 - Plugging and abandonment requirements.

§11-23-19 Plugging and abandonment requirements.

(a) Any owner who wishes to abandon an injection well shall submit an application, in accordance with section 11-23-12, containing the details of the proposed abandonment. The department may require an abandoned well to be plugged in a manner which will not allow detrimental movement of fluids between formations. If required, plugging shall be completed by grouting with the tremie method in accordance with the Honolulu Board of Water Supply's "Water System Standards", dated March, 1977; or by some other method found appropriate and acceptable to the department.

(b) The department may order an injection well to be plugged and abandoned when it no longer performs its intended purpose, or when it is determined to be a threat to the ground water resource. The owner shall schedule the plugging so that departmental staff may be present to monitor the abandonment operation.

         [Eff. 7/6/84; comp NOV 12 1992 ] (Auth: -HRS §340E-2) (Imp: HRS §340E-2, 40 CFR §§144 40 and 144.52(a))

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