§11-29-5 - Crude salt.

§11-29-5 Crude salt.

(a) Crude salt which has not been demonstrated as being safe for human consumption shall not be sold for food use. This salt, ifoffered for sale, shall be conspicuously and durably labeled as follows: "Crude Salt Not For Food Use." The statement "Not For Food Use" shall be in bold letters not less than one-halfthe size ofthe name ofthe product, but in no case shall the letters be less than one-eighth ofan inch in print size. This salt shall be offered for sale separately and away from other salts or any foods intended for human consumption.

(b) Hawaiian salt is crude salt obtained by the evaporation of sea water from within the boundaries of the State that has been demonstrated to be safe and suitable for human consumption.

        [Eff. Nov. 5, 1981] (Auth: HRS §§321-9, 321-10, 321-11, 328-8, 328-19.1, 328-21) (Imp: HRS §§328-3, 328-6, 328-8, 328-9, 328-10)

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