§11-39-11 - Air filtration apparatus.

§11-39-11 Air filtration apparatus.

(a) Filters or approved air cleaning devices shall be installed in connection with all air conditioning systems. This requirement shall apply to all air handled except exhaust air.

(b) Requirements of air purity with regard to dust contained therein shall be assumed to be met if satisfactory and dependable means are provided for removal of particulate matter as follows, for other than hospital-type occupancies:

(1) ASHRAE weight arrestance (where applicable to filter type) shall exceed fifty per cent and ASHRAE dust spot efficiency shall exceed ten per cent, for filters of all air conditioning systems and mechanical ventilation supply systems.

(2) For air conditioning apparatus other than terminal units serving a single room or a single residential apartment ASHRAE weight arrestance shall exceed seventy-five per cent (where applicable to filter type), and ASHRAE dust spot efficiency shall exceed fifteen per cent.

(3) For hospital-type occupancies, filter efficiencies shall conform to §11-39-10.

(c) Air velocity in conjunction with specific types of air cleaning devices shall not exceed the values established for such devices by their manufacturer.

(d) Air filters and their immediate accessories shall be of non-combustible or fire-resistant material.

        [Eff. January 31 , 1983 ] (Auth: HRS §§321-9, 321-11) (Imp: HRS §§321-1, 321-11)

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