§11-39-5 - Exemptions.

§11-39-5 Exemptions.

These rules do not apply to the types of systems named below.

(1) Units of four and one-fourth tons refrigeration (fifteen kilowatt) cooling capacity or less are exempt from §11-39-6 provided that they are not part of a multiple installation, with

a combined capacity greater than four and one-fourth tons (fifteen kilowatt) furnished to ventilate any room or similar single enclosure; all other sections of this rule shall remain applicable to units of four and one-fourth tons (fifteen kilowatt) or less.

(2) Ventilating systems including multiple installation with a total of two thousand one hundred cubic feet per minute (one thousand litres per sec) capacity or less are governed by these rules but no permit is required.

        [Eff. January 31 , 1983 ] (Auth: HRS §§321-9, 321-11) (Imp: HRS §§321-1, 321-11)

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