§11-39-8 - Outdoor air supply.

§11-39-8 Outdoor air supply.

(a) The outdoor air shall be taken from a clean, uncontaminated source.

(b) Outdoor air shall be ducted to the air conditioning or ventilating apparatus, or mixed with recirculating air in a plenum. Wherever the outdoor air duct is not connected to the apparatus, the mixing plenum shall be properly engineered and free from air contamination sources.

(c) All outdoor air intakes shall be screened and shall be located as far as possible from stacks and vent outlets, but this distance shall in no case be less than twelve feet (three and five-tenths metres). Domestic clothes dryer vents shall not be considered as outlets for this purpose. The distance in each case shall be sufficient to prevent the discharged air from entering the outdoor air intake.

(1) All outdoor air intakes shall be located to be readily accessible for cleaning and shall

be kept in a clean and sanitary condition.

(2) Openings for outdoor air intake shall be designed so that the air face velocity at the intake does not exceed one thousand feet per minute (five metres per second).

(d) The outdoor air from air conditioning systems shall be supplied through a conditioning apparatus directly to each given space during its occupied hours, and the quantity shall conform to the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 62. There shall be an exception to this for occupancies such as hotel guestrooms, apartments, or dormitories where air conditioning is provided within separate tenancies of a multi-room housing type facility, and where openable window air ratio to floor area is provided in accordance with administrative rules and building codes, no outdoor air intake shall be required. This exception should not apply to nursing homes, hospitals, or similar medical facilities.

(1) Outdoor air quantities for ventilation systems shall be provided by means of supply or exhaust fans, and shall conform to the requirements of ASHRAE Standard 62.

(2) The volume of outdoor air provided for sparsely-occupied areas other than those specifically named herein, shall not in any case be less than five hundredths cubic feet per minute per square foot (twenty-five hundredths liter per second per square metre) of floor space.

(3) The outdoor air rate for uses or occupancies other than those specifically named in ASHRAE Standard 62 shall be by agreement between the designer and the director.

(4) If agreed between the designer and the director, a particular occupancy in which tobacco smoking is illegal and does not occur, may have reduced outdoor air requirements, where based on a specified amount per person in ASHRAE Standard 62, by seventy-five per cent, provided a minimum of five cfm per person (two and five tenths liters per second per person) is provided.

(5) Use of activated carbon or other odor-removing means shall not be considered to reduce the required minimum outdoor air quantities.

        [Eff. January 31 , 1983 ] (Auth: HRS §§321-9, 321-11) (Imp: HRS §§321-1, 321-11)

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