§11-501-14 - Air-cleaning.

§11-501-14 Air-cleaning.

(a) Any owner or operator who uses air cleaning, as specified in sections 11-501-4(a), 11-501-6(b)(1), 11-501-7(c)(3)(A)(ii), 11-501-7(c)(4)(B), 11-501-7(c)(6)(E), 11-501-8(2)(B), 11-501-11(c)(1)(A), 11-501-12(1)(A) (ii), 11-501-12(1)(B)(ii), and 11-501-17(5) shall:

(1) Use fabric filter collection devices, except as noted in subsection (b), doing all of the following:

(A) Ensuring that the airflow permeability, as determined by ASTM Method D737-75, does not exceed 9 m3 /min/m2 (30 ft3 /min/ft2 ) for woven

fabrics or 11 m3 /min/m2 (35 ft3 /min/ft2 ) for felted fabrics;

(B) Ensuring that felted fabric weighs at least 475 grams per square meter (fourteen ounces per square yard) and is at least 1.6 millimeters (one-sixteenth inch) thick throughout; and

(C) Avoiding the use of synthetic fabrics that contain fill yarn other than that which is spun;

(2) Properly install, use, operate, and maintain all air-cleaning equipment authorized by this section. Bypass devices may be used only during upset or emergency conditions and then only for so long as it takes to shut down the operation generating the particulate asbestos material;

(3) For fabric filter collection devices installed after January 10, 1989, provide for easy inspection for faulty bags; and

(4) Maintain on-site one operable, backup negative air device at all times during the abatement.

(b) The following are exceptions to section (a)(1):

(1) If the use of fabric creates a fire or explosion hazard, or the director determines that a fabric filter is not feasible, the director may authorize as a substitute the use of wet collectors designed to operate with a unit contacting energy of at least 9.95 kilopascals (forty inches water gage pressure);

(2) Use a HEPA filter that is certified to be at least 99.97 per cent efficient for 0.3 micron particles; or

(3) The director may authorize the use of filtering equipment other than described in section (a)(1) and paragraphs (1) and (2) if the owner or operator demonstrates to the director's satisfaction that it is

equivalent to the described equipment in filtering particulate asbestos material.

        [Eff ] (Auth: HRS §342P-41) (Imp: 40 CFR Part 61.152)

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