§11-54-11 - Schedule of compliance.

§11-54-11 Schedule of compliance.

(a) A schedule of compliance is an NPDES implementation tool that applies to the implementation of water quality standards through NPDES permits only.

(b) The director may issue a schedule of compliance in an individual NPDES permit for the implementation of effluent limits derived from the water quality criteria in this chapter if the director makes a finding that the discharger cannot immediately comply with the water quality based effluent limitations upon the effective grant of the permit.

(c) A schedule of compliance may be included in an individual NPDES permit issued by the director pursuant to chapter 342D, HRS.

(d) A schedule of compliance in an NPDES permit is allowed only for water quality-based effluent limits based upon a new, revised, or newly interpreted water quality standard and must:

(1) Comply with the provisions in 40 CFR section 122.47, revised as of July 1, 2014, and;

(2) Include an enforceable final effluent limitation that is within the timeframe allowed as specified in sections 11-55-08(a)(2)(B), 11-55-15(d), 11-55-21, 11-55-22, 11-55-23(10), and 11-55-34.07(3)(B).

(3) Require compliance as soon as possible.

(e) A schedule of compliance that exceeds one year in duration must set forth interim requirements, specific dates to meet interim requirements, and a date by which the required water quality-based effluent limitation must be achieved.

        [Eff and comp NOV 15 2014 ] Auth: HRS §§342D-4, 342D-5, 342D-53, Ch. 342E) (Imp: HRS §§342D-4, 342D-5, 342D-6, Ch. 342E)

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