§11-54-13 - Revision.

§11-54-13 Revision.

These water quality criteria are based upon the best currently available data. Studies made in connection with the implementation program may

suggest improvements to this chapter. For this reason, the chapter will be subject to periodic review and, where necessary, to change. Any change will be made only after public hearing, held in compliance with chapter 91, HRS and the rules of practice and procedures of the department.

        [Eff 11/12/82; am and comp 10/6/84; am and comp 04/14/88; am and comp 01/18/90; am and comp 10/29/92, am and comp 04/17/00; am and comp 10/2/04; comp 06/15/09; comp 10/21/12; comp 12/6/13; ren §11-54-11 and comp NOV 15 2014 ] {Auth: HRS SS342D-1, 342D-4, 342D-5, Ch. 342E) (Imp: HRS §§342D-4, 342D-5, Ch. 342E)

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