§11-54-15 - Field citations; non-compliance.

§11-54-15 Field citations; non-compliance.

(a) This section authorizes field citations to effectively and quickly settle easily verifiable violations of chapter 342D, HRS, and this chapter. Settlements under this section are an additional remedy and do not supplant the director's authority to issue orders under section 342D-9, HRS.

(b) Offer to settle.

(1) A field citation is an offer to settle an administrative case against a specific violation on a specific day. Instead of issuing a formal notice and finding of violation and order, the director may, in the director's sole discretion, through any authorized employee, issue a field citation by personal service or certified mail to:

(A) Any person who discharges or otherwise causes or allows water pollutants to enter State waters and cause violation of this chapter, unless that person acted in compliance with a permit or variance issued by the director pursuant to chapter 342D for that person's discharges;

(B) Any person who fails to correctly install, implement, maintain, or repair site best management practices as called for in this chapter;

(C) Any person who violates monitoring requirements as required by the director;

(D) Any person who violates record keeping requirements as required by the director.

(2) A field citation shall indicate the following amounts for violations:

(A) $500 for any person who violates paragraph (a)(1)(A), (B), or (C) for first violation, and $2,000 for a subsequent violation; and

(B) $100 for any person who violates paragraph (a)(1)(D) for first violation, and $200 for a subsequent violation.

(c) Resolution of field citation.

(1) A person issued a field citation may accept the citation by:

(A) Signing the field citation;

(B) Paying the full amount indicated on the field citation. Payment shall be made to the "State of Hawaii" in the form of a pre-printed check, cashier's check, money order, or as otherwise specified by the director;

(C) Mailing or delivering the signed citation and full payment to the clean water branch in Honolulu or to the district health office for the county where the violation occurred. The department must receive the signed field citation and full payment within twenty days after the person receives the field citation; and

(D) Correction within seven (7) days, or unless otherwise specified on the field citation, of the violation of this chapter.

(2) By signing the field citation, the person to whom it was issued agrees to:

(A) Give up the right to a contested case hearing under chapter 91 or 342D, HRS, or otherwise challenge the field citation;

(B) Pay the full amount indicated; and

(C) Correct the violation.

(3) If the field citation is not accepted in compliance with paragraph (1), the director may seek for that cited violation any remedies available under this chapter; chapter 342D, HRS; or any other law. For all other violations the director retains authority to seek any available remedies.

(d) Form of citation. The department shall prescribe a field citation form."

        [Eff and compiled NOV 15 2014 ] (Auth: HRS SS342D-1, 342D-4, 342D-5, Ch. 342E) (Imp: HRS §§342D-4, 342D-5, Ch. 342E)

Amendments and compilation of chapter 54, title 11, Hawaii Administrative Rules, on the Summary Page dated NOV 15 2014 were adopted on NOV 15 2014 following a public hearing held on October 2, 2014, after public notice was given in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Hawaii Tribune-Herald, West Hawaii Today, The Maui News, and The Garden Isle on August 28, 2014.

The adoption of chapter 11-54 shall take effect ten days after filing with the Office of the Lieutenant Governor




Director of Health




State of Hawaii

Dated: 11-3-14






Deputy Attorney General

Appendix A July 1, 2014
Class 1, Inland Waters


Akaka Falls State Park

Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge

Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge South Kona Section

Hamakua Forest Reserve (Hoea Kaao Section)

Hamakua Forest Reserve (Kainehe Section)

Hamakua Forest Reserve (Kalopa Section)

Hamakua Forest Reserve (Paauilo Section)

Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Hilo Forest Reserve (Humuula Section)

Hilo Forest Reserve (Laupahoehoe Section)

Kahaualea Natural Area Reserve

Kalopa State Rec. Area

Keaoi Islet Sea Bird Sanctuary

Kekaha Kai State Park

Kipahoehoe Natural Area Reserve

Kohala Forest Reserve (Pololu Section)

Kohala Historical Sites State Monument

Kona Hema Preserve (Nature Conservancy)

Lapakahi State Historical Park

Laupahoehoe Natural Area Reserve

Lava Tree State Monument

Mackenzie State Recreation Area

Manowaialee Forest Reserve

Manuka Natural Area Reserve

Manuka State Wayside

Mauna Kea Ice Age Natural Area Reserve

Mauna Kea State Recreation Area/Mauna Kea Fr

Mokupuku Islet Sea Bird Sanctuary

Ookala Cooperative Game Management Area

Paokalani Islet Sea Bird Sanctuary

Puu Honau 0 Honaunau National Historical Park

Puu Waawaa Forest Bird Sanctuary

Puu Waawaa Forest Reserve

Puukohola Heiau National Historic Site

Wailoa River State Recreation Area

Wailuku River State Park


Ahukini State Recreation Pier

Haena State Park

Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge

Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge

Kuia Natural Area Reserve

Mokuaeae Rock Islet Sea Bird Sanctuary

Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park

Polihale State Park

Russian Fort Elizabeth State Historical Park

Wailua River State Park

Waimea Canyon State Park

Waimea State Recreation Pier


Moku Naio Sea Bird Sanctuary

Nanahoa Islets Sea Bird Sanctuary

Poopoo Islet Sea Bird Sanctuary

Puupehe Islet Sea Bird Sanctuary


Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve

Alau Island Sea Bird Sanctuary

Haleakala National Park

Halekii-Pihana Heiaus State Monument

Hanawi Natural Area Reserve

Iao Valley State Monument

Kanaha Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Kanaio Natural Area Reserve

Kaumahina State Wayside

Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge

Keopuka Islet Sea Bird Sanctuary

Makena State Park

Mokeehia Islet Sea Bird Sanctuary

Moku Hala Sea Bird Sanctuary

Moku Mana Islet Sea Bird Sanctuary

Molokini Sea Bird Sanctuary

Papanui 0 Kane Islet Sea Bird Sanctuary

Pauwalu Point Wildlife Sanctuary

Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area

Puaa Kaa State Wayside

Puuku Island Sea Bird Sanctuary

Waianapanapa State Park

Wailua Valley State Wayside

West Maui Natural Area Reserve (Honokowai Section)

West Maui Natural Area Reserve (Lihau Section)

West Maui Natural Area Reserve (Panaewa Section)


Huelo Islet Sea Bird Sanctuary

Kakahaia National Wildlife Refuge

Kalaupapa National Historical Park

Kamiloloa Plant Sanctuary

Kanaha Rock Sea Bird Sanctuary

Mokapu Islet Sea Bird Sanctuary

Mokumanu Islet Sea Bird Sanctuary

Molokai Forest Reserve

Okala Islet Sea Bird Sanctuary


Kaula Island Sea Bird Sanctuary

Lehua Island Sea Bird Sanctuary


Aiea Bay State Recreation Area

Diamond Head State Monument

Hamakua Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary

James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge (Kii)

Kaohikaipu Island Sea Bird Sanctuary

Kawainui Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary (Proposed)

Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area

Kekepa Island Sea Bird Sanctuary

Kukaniloko Birthstones State Monument

Kukuihoolua Island Sea Bird Sanctuary

Makiki Valley State Recreation Area

Malaekahana State Recreation Area

Mokualai Island Sea Bird Sanctuary

Mokuauia Island Sea Bird Sanctuary

Mokulua Island Sea Bird Sanctuary

Mokumanu Islet Sea Bird Sanctuary

Oahu Forest National Wildlife Refuge

Pahole Natural Area Reserve

Paiko Lagoon Wildlife Sanctuary

Pearl Harbor National Wildlife Refuge (Mid Loch)

Pearl Harbor National Wildlife Refuge (W Loch)

Pearl Harbor Nat'l Wildlife Refuge (Kalaeloa)

Popoia Island Sea Bird Sanctuary

Pouhala Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary

Puleraoku Rock Sea Bird Sanctuary

Puu Ualakaa State Park

Royal Mausoleum State Monument

Sacred Falls State Park

Sand Island State Recreation Area

Ulu Po Heiau State Monument

Waiahole Forest Reserve (Waiahole Section)

Waianae Kai Forest Reserve

Appendix B July 1, 2014
Class AA, Marine Waters and Embayments


Puako Bay

Waiulua Bay

Anaehoomalu Bay

Kiholo Bay

Kailua Harbor

Kealakekua Bay

Honaunau Bay


Waialua Bay

Kahana Bay

Kaneohe Bay

Hanauma Bay


Hanalei Bay

Appendix C July 1, 2014
Class A, Marine Waters and Embayments


Hilo Bay (inside breakwater)

Kawaihae Boat Harbor

Honokohau Boat Harbor

Keauhou Bay


Kahului Bay

Lahaina Boat Harbor

Maalaea Boat Harbor


Manele Boat Harbor

Kaumalapau Harbor


Hale o Lono Harbor

Kaunakakai Harbor

Kaunakakai Boat Harbor


Kaiaka Bay

Paiko Peninsula to Koko Head

Ala Wai Boat Harbor

Kewalo Basin

Honolulu Harbor

Keehi Lagoon

Barbers Point Harbor

Pokai Bay

Heeia Kea Boat Harbor

Waianae Boat Harbor

Haleiwa Boat Harbor

Ko Olina


Hanamaulu Bay

Nawiliwili Bay

Kukuiula Bay

Wahiawa Bay

Hanapepe Bay (inside breakwater)

Kikiaola Boat Harbor

Port Allen Boat Harbor

Appendix D July 1, 2014
Class AA, Open Coastal Waters

Measured in a clockwise direction from the first-named to the second-named location, where applicable):


The open coastal waters from Leleiwi Point to Waiulaula Point.


The open coastal waters between Nakalele Point and Waihee Point and between Huelo Point and Puu Olai.


All open coastal water surrounding the island.


All open coastal waters surrounding the island.


The open coastal waters between the westerly boundary of Hale o Lono Harbor to Lamaloa Head. Also, the open coastal waters from Cape Halawa to the easterly boundary of Kaunakakai Harbor.


Waimanalo Bay from the southerly boundary of Kaiona Beach Park, and including the waters surrounding Manana and Kaohikaipu Islands, to Makapuu Point. Also, Waialua Bay from Kaiaka Point to Puaena Point, and the open coastal waters along Kaena Point between a distance of 5.6 kilometers (3.5 miles) from Kaena Point towards Makua and 5.6 kilometers (3.5 miles) from Kaena Point toward Mokuleia.


The open coastal waters between Hikimoe Valley and Makahoa Point. Also, the open coastal waters between Makahuena Point and the westerly boundary of Hoai Bay.


All open coastal waters surrounding the island.

All other islands of the state

All open coastal waters surrounding the islands not classified in Appendix D or 11-54-6(b) (2) (A).

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