§11-54-9.1.03 - Water quality certification; notice and hearing.

§11-54-9.1.03 Water quality certification; notice and hearing.

The director may provide the opportunity for public comment or hearing(s) or both to consider the issuance of a water quality certification. A notice shall be published in accordance with chapters 91 and 92, HRS. The director shall inform the owner or its duly authorized representative in writing that the action has been taken. All publication and mailing costs associated with the public notification of the director's tentative determinations with respect to the water quality certification application shall be paid by the owner to the appropriate newspaper agency or agencies determined by the director. Failure to provide and pay for public notification, as considered appropriate by the director, may result in a delay in the certification process.

        [Eff and comp 04/14/88; am and

comp 01/18/90; am and comp 10/29/92; am and comp 04/17/00; am and comp 10/2/04; comp 06/15/09; comp 10/21/12; comp 12/6/13; comp NOV 15 2014 ] (Auth: HRS §§342D-4, 342D-5, 342D-53) {Imp: HRS §§342D-4, 342D-5, 342D-6)

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