§11-55-31 - Sampling and testing methods.

§11-55-31 Sampling and testing methods.

         (a) All sampling and testing shall be done in accordance with test procedures approved under 40 CFR Part 136 unless other test procedures have been specified in the permit or approved by the director and, when applicable, with guidelines establishing test procedures for the analysis of pollutants published by the Administrator in accordance with Section 304(h) of the Act, 33 U.S.C. §1314(h). All tests shall be made under the direction of persons knowledgeable in the field of water pollution control.

         (b) The director may conduct tests of waste discharges from any source. Upon request of the director, the person responsible for the source to be tested shall provide necessary sampling stations and other safe and proper sampling and testing facilities, exclusive of instruments and sensing devices, as may be necessary for proper determination of the waste discharge.

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