11 - Notice of Intent requirements

11. Notice of Intent requirements


The owner or its duly authorized representative shall submit a complete notice of intent no later than thirty days before the proposed starting date of the construction activity or thirty days before the expiration date of the applicable notice of general permit coverage.


The owner or its duly authorized representative shall include the following information in the notice of intent:


Information required in section 34 of appendix A of chapter 11-55;


That coverage is being requested as a result of an emergency and meets the eligibility requirements under this permit and information required in section 7.2.3.


That coverage is being requested for discharge to an impaired water, if applicable;


Preparation of a SWPPP in accordance with section 7 prior to submitting the NOI;


Information required in section 7.2.2 - Nature of construction activities,


Information required in section 7.2.5. - Sequence and estimated dates of construction activities.


Information required in section 7.2.6. - Site map, except for sections - 7,2.6.8.


If applicable, army corps of engineers' jurisdictional determination and section 401 water quality certification best management practices plan.


Agreement to the terms, conditions, and requirements in this general permit and all other applicable State, County, and Federal regulations.


The director may require additional information to be submitted.

11. 4

The owner or its duly authorized representative shall submit a notice of intent form or forms specified by the CWB.

Electronic notice of intent forms may be found at the department's e-Permitting portal. The e-Permitting portal may be accessed via the clean water branch's website at: http://health.hawaii.gov/cwb/

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