§11-95-21 - Medical staff

§11-95-21 Medical staff.

(a) There shall be an organized medical staff that has overall responsibility for the quality of medical care provided to the patients and for the ethical conduct and professional practice of its members.

(b) The facility shall not permit interns, residents, fellows, graduates of foreign medical schools, or medical students in an appropriate training program to perform a service for which a license is required by the State of Hawaii unless they are at that time licensed by the State of Hawaii as a physician, or else under the direct control and direct supervision of a licensed physician.

(c) Each member of the medical staff shall have the same surgical privileges at a local licensed hospital as the member seeks at the freestanding surgical outpatient facility. Maintenance of those surgical privileges shall be certified biennially by a local licensed hospital.

        [Eff March 3, 1986] (Auth: HRS §§321-9, 321-10) (Imp: HRS §§321-10, 453-2)

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