§11-95-27 - Pharmaceutical service

§11-95-27 Pharmaceutical service.

(a) Medicines shall not be administered to patients unless ordered by a physician. The orders shall be in writing or, if given orally, shall be promptly reduced to writing and signed by the physician prior to discharge of the patient.

(b) Medicines maintained in the facility shall be appropriately stored and safeguarded against access by unauthorized persons. Appropriate records shall be kept of the disposition of all medications.

(c) If medications are dispensed by the facility, the dispensing shall be under the supervision of a pharmacist who shall be employed either full time or part time as deemed appropriate by the director.

(d) Each facility shall maintain reference sources for identifying and describing medications.

(e) Medicine shall be administered only by a licensed nurse or physician.

(f) Blood, blood products, and parenteral solutions shall be administered only by physicians, or registered nurses.

(g) Adverse drug reactions shall be reported

immediately to the physician responsible for the patient and this report shall be documented in the medical record.

        [Eff March 3, 1986] (Auth: HRS §§321-9, 321-10) (Imp: HRS §§321-10, 329-38, 461-11, 461-14)

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