§11-95-6 - Anesthesia

§11-95-6 Anesthesia.

(a) General, local, or regional anesthesia shall be administered to patients only by a certified registered nurse anesthetist or by a qualified physician. The anesthesia shall be administered only under the supervision of a licensed physician.

(b) Flammable anesthetics shall be prohibited except when construction, storage and equipment meet the standards of the National Fire Protection Association Bulletin No. 56G "Standards for the Use of Inhalation Anesthetics in Ambulatory Care Facilities" 1980.

(c) A person with training and experience in cardiopulmonary resuscitation shall be on the premises of the facility until all patients have been discharged.

        [Eff March 3, 1986] (Auth: HRS §§321-9, 321-10) (Imp: HRS §321-10)

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