§11-96-11 - Discharge planning.

§11-96-11 Discharge planning.

(a) A plan for discharge of each client shall be based on the assessment of the client by the multidisciplinary team and shall be reviewed and updated at the time of each reassessment if discharge planning is appropriate.

(b) As appropriate, each client's health record shall include documentation of the plan for discharge which shall be completed within fourteen days of the first assessment.

(c) Referral of clients shall be made to

outside resources by the multidisciplinary team or by an individual team member. Each referral shall be recorded in the client's health record.

(d) Consultation shall be made available to a client's family prior to any discharge.

(e) If a client decides to terminate participation in an adult day health center program prior to the date recommended by the multidisciplinary team, the center staff shall, when appropriate, discuss the consequences of such action with the client, the client's physician, and the client's authorized representative, if any, and center staff shall document the discussion in the client's health record.

        [Eff ] (Auth: HRS §321-11) (Imp: HRS §321-11)

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