§11-96-12 - Disaster plan.

§11-96-12 Disaster plan.

(a) Each center shall have a written plan for a fire or disaster occurring within the center, or a natural disaster occurring in the community.

(b) The disaster plan shall be in writing and shall include:

(1) Designation of administrative authority and employee assignments; and

(2) A plan for evacuation or relocation of clients, if this is appropriate, including:

(A) Means and routes of evacuation;

(B) Transportation of clients when necessary;

(C) Supervision of clients after evacuation or relocation;

(D) Means for contacting local service agencies, such as fire department, law enforcement agencies and other disaster authorities of local government; and

(E) Posting of evacuation routes.

(c) Each employee shall be instructed in assigned duties. Instruction shall include employee and client practice sessions. New employees shall be informed immediately of their disaster duties, as required in the plan. Records of all training shall be kept on file in the center.

(d) Facilities licensed under this chapter shall be inspected at least annually by appropriate

fire authorities for compliance with state and county fire and life safety rules and ordinances.

(e) Smoking rules shall be adopted.

(f) Fire drills shall include the transmission of a fire alarm signal and be held at least quarterly. Records of all fire drills shall be filed in the center.

        [Eff ] (Auth: HRS §321-11) (Imp: HRS §321-11)

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