§11-96-14 - Employee records.

§11-96-14 Employee records.

(a) Each center shall maintain an employee record which shall be available for review by the director or designated representative.

(b) Each employee record shall contain at least the following:

(1) Full name;

(2) Date of employment;

(3) Credentials and pertinent experience; and (4)A health record containing a report of the


(A) Tuberculosis clearance pursuant to section 11-96-19; and

(B) Health examination signed by the examining physician or person lawfully authorized to perform such examinations which indicates the employee is free from any infectious or communicable disease.

(c) The center shall have a written policy providing for the health screening of volunteers, including screening for tuberculosis.

(d) All records shall be retained for three years following termination of employment.

        [Eff ] (Auth: HRS §321-11) (Imp: HRS §321-11)

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