§11-96-30 - Physical plant construction requirements.

§11-96-30 Physical plant construction requirements. 

(a) The center shall be fully accessible to and functional for physically handicapped clients, personnel, and the public.

(b) Each center shall comply with state and local building requirements.

(c) Each center shall have a working, listed telephone on the premises.

(d) Temperature and humidity shall be maintained within a normal comfort range.

(e) There shall be provisions within the center for one or more areas for dining, social activities, secluded areas, and therapy areas.

(1) The center shall be equipped with adequate natural and artificial lighting, tables, chairs, or their equivalent, for the use and comfort of the client;

(2) Dining areas shall be equipped with tables and chairs. A sufficient number of tables shall be of proper height to accommodate wheelchair clients;

(3) If a multi-purpose room is used for dining and recreational activities, there shall be

sufficient space to accommodate all activities; and

(4)A secluded area shall be set aside for clients who require bed rest during the day;

(A) The secluded area shall have chaise lounges or beds in the number necessary to meet the needs of the clients under written order of the staff or attending physician; and

(B) Space around sleeping accommodations shall permit easy passage.

(f) Total area for recreational and dining activities shall be not less than fifty square feet per client.

(g) Activity, dining and service areas shall be accessible to all clients.

(1) There shall be adequate space to allow free movement of clients using wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and crutches to bed, bathroom, closet, and common hallway areas; and

(2) Areas used for cooking, storage, bathrooms, laundry, and other areas not suitable for sleeping shall not be used as rest or sleep areas.

(h) There shall be one toilet room for every twelve clients.

(1) The toilet room shall contain a toilet and lavatory;

(2) Appropriately placed grab bars shall be provided in designated toilets, bathtubs, and shower enclosures;

(3) Curtains or doors to ensure privacy shall be provided;

(4) An adequate supply of hot and cold potable running water must be provided at all times. Temperatures of hot water at plumbing fixture used by clients shall be automatically regulated and shall be maintained at a level between 100_ to 110_F;

(5) Each toilet and bath center shall have an auditory call system which permits the client to signal staff in an emergency;

(6) There shall be at least one bathtub or shower available; and

(7) Separate toilet facilities shall be provided for the use of personnel.

(i) Ramps must be designed to permit use by clients in wheelchairs. Ramps shall meet the provisions of the 1987 Uniform Building Code.

(j) Walls and floors of rooms used by clients shall be made of materials which shall permit washing or cleaning.

(k) Where appropriate, screening of doors and windows shall be provided, using screening having sixteen meshes per inch.

(l) Double acting doors shall be provided with vision panels of sufficient height to permit use by walkers as well as wheelchair riders.

(m) The minimum clear width of a corridor shall be thirty-six inches except that corridors serving one or more clients who require the use of a wheel chair or walking aids shall be not less than forty-four inches. Stationary handrails shall be installed at least along one side of corridors.

(n) Locked storage space shall be provided for janitors' supplies and equipment. Storage space, conveniently located, for general and specialized equipment shall be provided.

(o) The water supply shall be in accordance with Chapter 340E, Hawaii Revised Statutes.

(p) Chapter 11-39 relating to air conditioning and ventilation, shall be followed.

(q) Flashlights shall be in readiness and functional at all times.

(r) Open flame types of light shall not be used.

(s) Space for outdoor activities shall be easily accessible to all clients and protected from traffic.

(t) Facilities shall be maintained in accordance with provisions of state and county fire safety, sanitat ion laws and ordinances. 

        [Eff ] (Auth: HRS §321-11) (Imp: HRS §321-11)

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