§11-96-37 - Social services.

§11-96-37 Social services.

(a) Every adult day health center shall have available social services as appropriate to assist clients and their families to solve social problems that arise as a result of the client's disability.

(b) Social services shall consist of the following:

(1) Providing initial and continuing assessment of the client by the social worker in the formation of an individual plan of care by the multidisciplinary team as appropriate;

(2) Maintaining signed progress notes in the clients' health record at least quarterly;

(3) Assumption of responsibility for implementation and coordination of the discharge plan;

(4) Providing referral to outside resources and assisting with counseling when applicable;

(5) Providing problem oriented discussion groups among clients;

(6) Serving as a liaison with the client's family and home; and

(7) Providing referral and follow-up for referred persons not appropriate for adult day health care.

(c) Social services shall be provided or supervised by a social worker.

(d) A social work assistant shall provide social services only under the supervision of a social worker.

(e) Space to allow privacy shall be provided for the social worker when counseling clients or families of clients.

        [Eff ] (Auth: HRS §321-11) (Imp: HRS §321-11)

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