§11-98-13 - Rehabilitation program.

§11-98-13 Rehabilitation program.

Rehabilitation services shall be appropriate to the individual in the facility and may include:

(1) Psychiatric services to provide care or program consultation;

(2) Psychological services to provide testing for individual assessment purposes, program evaluation and research;

(3) If the staff feels it to be advisable for a resident, or residents, to receive nutritional instruction, a dietitian shall be consulted;

(4) Social rehabilitation services to provide opportunities for individuals to learn social and self-care skills to foster independent living and which may include recreational, educational and vocational activities;

(5) Education services for children to provide and meet the scholastic requirements for school age children and youth;

(6) Counseling; and

(7) Ocher services to provide for planned leisure time activities and constructive therapeutic activities that enhance social and motor skills.

        [Eff MAR 10 1986] (Auth: HRS §§321-9, 321-10) (Imp: HRS §321-10)

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