§11-98-14 - Physical facility.

§11-98-14 Physical facility.

(a) The design and construction of each building or buildings comprising the facility shall meet the minimum requirements of the following codes:

(1) The county fire department codes;

(2) The county building, electrical, plumbing, and zoning codes; and

(3) Applicable rules of the department relating to sanitation

(b) Existing buildings.

(1) For any building which is being considered for this type of occupancy, the director may valve or modify any portion of the rules provided the exceptions do not create a hazard to residents, personnel or public.

(2) This section shall not prohibit the use of equivalent alternate space utilizations, new concepts of plan designs and new material or systems if written approval of such alternatives is granted by the department.

(c) Maintenance. Facilities shall be maintained in accordance with provisions of state and county zoning, building, fire, safety and health codes in the State.

        [Eff MAR 10 1986] (Auth: §§321-9, 321-10) (lmp: §§46-4, 62-34, 64-91, 65-71, 66-71, 70-71, 132-3, 321-10)

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